Journey to the Mysterious Island

One day me and my camera crew went to the Mysterious Island where the deinosuchus lurk, to get the golden egg.

“Once a little boy went to the Mysterious Island with his dad and he went missing.  The island is as dangerous as a dino and nobody but me and my camera crew is crazy enough to go go to the island,” I say.

We climb the enormous cloudy island.  We build a house. 

1:00 in the morning we find out the island was sinking. 

“Wait,” I said.  “We have to find the golden egg.  It’s as shiny as silver.”  A robot came and he said, “Za wa lee ca ye ya.”  It was weird. 

Then the deinosuchus appeared and ate one of my camera crew helpers.  Then he scattered away.

3:25  We still couldn’t tell what the robot was saying.

12.50  Me and my crew worked out the code and got the golden eggs and went home.  I felt proud of myself and my camera crew.

By Toby