Cloudy Friends

Once there was a boy who lived on a huge ship.  His name was Toby and he had a bright pink Mohawk and purple hair.

He dived into the sea with his dog, swam like a dolphin and found his dreams . . . Cloud Island!!  He climbed and climbed with his dog until he reached the top and saw . . . unicorns who were prancing like poodles in Paris!

An evil gummy bear hid behind a big black rock and turned a baby unicorn to stone with his magnificent laser gun.  The unicorns snorted and whinnied, then said “Charge!”  They galloped towards the evil gummy bear’s rock and busted it into millions and billions of pieces.

The boy jumped high over the unicorns and said “I’m going to do this”. 

But the gummy bear said “I’m not evil.”

“Ok,” said the boy and the dog.  But he knew he wanted to be nice friends with prancing unicorns so he threw the gummy bear in the big blue sea.

By Ella