Father’s Time

By Reigan Age 7

“I didn’t want to go!” I yelled all the way from my bedroom.

“You have to. It is Father’s Day breakfast.” My mum said from the kitchen.

So I got dressed in my best prettiest clothes. I slipped on my shoes. A second later, off we went.

I shivered with excitement. “Yah!” I squealed. We arrived at a restaurant called GPK. My family read the menu. They didn’t have any kids stuff. I nearly burst into tears. I had to order a salad. Me I hated it so much I nearly wanted to chuck it in the toilet. That was how bad it tasted.

It was quite a hot day so my mum and dad decided I could have an ice cream with my dad. I had two scoops of candy floss and cookies and cream in a waffle cone. My dad got candy floss and lime in a waffle cone. It was very sickly. I didn’t eat all of it and threw it in the bin.

Although the food was not good I still felt very happy.