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The Fight


By Ella  Age 7


“Boo!” I jumped out.


My dog got a startle with a woof and a yap.  Max started to run and run. When he ran he was running like a tornado. Whizzed he bumped into a wall, crashed with a thump. I ran down the stairs and before I could say anything, my mum came in and said, “What is the racket?”


“Well,” I said, “that was what I was going to say, woof….” My dog scratched. We started to fight.


We did boxing. He kept on scratching. I ran but he chased me. I was frightened of a little dog, but he thought I was a dog too. I went outside but I was still getting chased. I ran back inside with a jump. I ran everywhere. Max stopped and skidded.


Mum came down, “What is the racket again?” I got a startle. I was shocked and Max talked in dog language.