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Room 10 brainstormed what made a good hyperbole and created some great sentences.


A hyperbole is a much exaggerated statement for a dramatic effect.


Pizza is the last thing I want to eat in the whole universe.

The world will explode if you don’t play with me.  —-Antonio

Buy me a toy or the world will stop turning. —Ella

If you don’t hurry up in the toilet, my guts will fall out. —-Taylor

I will blow up into confetti if you don’t buy me the newest toy. —-Antonio

My tummy was rumbling so loud that my mum has to wear earmuffs. —-J P

If you step to my territory/room, I will pull my hair out and act crazy. —Taylor

If I don’t get a pet, I will turn into a vampire and drink your blood. —Ella

If you give away my favourite kitten, I will cry until the world floods. —Taylor/Reigan

I had so much homework that I was drowning in it. —-Antonio