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Swimming at Glenfield Pools. R9

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Room 9 made delicious soup!

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The Magic Book

When he opened his bag, his book was a little bit open and he fell into the book. He was hiding because there were aliens and they had a plan to take over the world. [...]

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The Lolly Experiment

On Monday Rm1 did a science experiment. I noticed that the water was hot so it melted the colours on the lollies.  I thought the lollies would have dissolved if you left them for an hour. [...]

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Awesome Swimming

 At swimming we do lots and lots of exercise.   My favourite part of swimming is jumping in  the big pool.  Then we get changed . We get on the stairs and  happily walked up. [...]

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On Friday we amazingly walked on the bus and the bus started and off we go. We learned lots of stuff at  swimming and then we amazingly got on the bus and back we go. [...]

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At swimming I normally happily run onto the bus and it leaves.  Then I get changed and run into the pool excitedly.  Swimming is amazing, but im not the pro.  I still have to learn to swim.  I [...]

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About Reading Recovery

Miss Hurley teaches Reading Recovery in the afternoon block from 1.25-3.00pm. Developed in New Zealand, Reading Recovery is now widely implemented in English speaking countries throughout the world.  The video below provides an in-depth look [...]

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Room 1, 9 and 10 children are loving their Friday afternoon swimming lessons at the pools.  What a wonderful way to end each week this term - learning a very important life skill and enjoying [...]

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At Swimming

We got on the bus.  We were excited.  Then we got off the bus.  Then we were excited when we hopped in the pool. The pool was  big and huge.  By Maia

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