A number of classes recently did the “Lolly Experiment” for Science.

Room 1 children are learning to think like scientists, so we made a video showing our thinking during this experiment . . .

Here are a few of our stories about this science . . .

We are learning to think like scientists and I love science because you see because you see beautiful colours.  It is like maths, but it is science.  By Rhiannon

On Monday we did science with lollies.  I noticed the lollies colour came off and we left the lollies for a while.  They got smaller.  I wondered why it was happening to the lolly.  I think “why is it doing that?”  By Xander


The lollies are spreading around.  It’s like magic. 

They’re spreading into squares.  Then it shrinks into nothing and the coolest it swirls like a portal.  It is amazing.

I noticed that it got uglier the smaller it got.

By Ian

Our Science

In our science we put lollies in a little bowl.

We noticed that the colour of the lollies slightly coming off.  The lollies were yum but I could not eat them. 

I thought it was just like our saliva because when you put it in your mouth your mouth turns that colour.  That’s why the water changed colour.  Why it didn’t mix is because they were in the corners.

I wondered why there were bits inside the water and why the water was one colour when the lollies were all gone.  Then I thought hard . . . because the lollies were gone and nowhere, not in the corners, so they just mixed it one colour brown.

My favourite part was when we took the lollies and put them in the water.

By Cole

Lolly Experiment

Last Monday we did the lolly experiment.  It was fun.  We made a video.

The lollies dissolved in the other lollies.  The lollies turned into shapes.  I noticed the water turned rainbow. 

I wonder why it turned rainbow.

By Arnav


In our science experiments I have lots of fun.  But the lolly experiment was amazing!  It was probably my favourite experiment.  The baking soda one was fun, but not fun enough.

I still like lollies.  In the experiment I noticed that the pink was the strongest colour.  But the green was my favourite because it makes a pattern.

By Toby