Yesterday I dashed to Chloe’s house, feeling like a bunny free out of its cage. We whizzed to her trampoline Chloe said ‘’Trampolines are very bouncy’’ then we played with her awesome toys. After we finished playing with her amazing toys we had a delicious fruit snack. Then I went home and my sister surprised me with new green shoes!  By Jaide

One spooky night a huge monster came upon me. He was running like a horse that was sprinting fast. ‘’Ahhhhhh’’ I shouted.  Then slammed him down like a strong monkey.   By Cole

This Friday it will be Aidan’s amazing spectacular birthday! We will be going to Onopoto park. I have no idea what that place Is. Aidan said “It is a park’’. I said “ Is it super fun there”. Aidan and I and her sister are going.  The cake is going to melt in my mouth like a marshmallow. By Shura

In the holiday I was learning about science. When my dad was a scientist he made an amazing Robotical volcano! He has been a scientist for 3 years. He stopped because he got married.   By Ben

On the weekend I have been learning to do my fantastic times tables.  It is great and exciting.  By Jim

I went to Australia on an aeroplane.  The gold coast has heaps of beach.  Dreamworld was extremely amazing! Plenty  of fun and heaps to do.  By Tristan

Today I saw Constable Howard. We watched Brian and Bobby. After that we coloured in a house.  It was astoundingly high I was sizzling hot after that.  By Flynn