We had Fancy Feet Day to celebrate TravelWise Week.  We decorated our feet and it was fantastic.  My friends feet rocked!  By Hayden (R2)

Last Friday we had Fancy Feet Day to celebrate our walking all TravelWise Week.  I saw duck feet.  I had balloon ones.  My sister had ice-cream skates.  By Lucas (R2)

At Fancy Feet Day I saw a lot of cool feet.  Some were big, some were small.  They were awesome alright!  We have Fancy Feet Day because we are a TravelWise School.  By Toby (R1)

On Fancy Feet Day I saw lots of different feet.  I had flowers on my feet.  We had a parade with different music for different classes.  By Kate (R1)

On Friday it was Fancy Feet Day!  Lots of people had fancy shoes.  Even my shoes looked like birds!  We put feathers on my shoes and googly eyes.  By Emma (R9)