Stories from our Website Writers about our recent visit to Glenfield College

I did a hongi with Maori people and I did my song.  I spoke to the Maori people on the Marae.  By Hayden (Rm 2)

Rooms 1, 9 and 10 went to the Marae to sing a song.  They sang us a song too.  We touched noses and shook hands.  By Emma (Rm9)

Room 2, Room  and Room 8 went on a bus to the Marae.  We took our shoes off.  We lined up for the hongi.  We had chips and juice for afternoon tea.  By Lucas (Rm 2)

Yesterday we went to the powhiri.  We did our waiata.  When it was finished we did the hongi.  Then we went to the wharekai to eat kai.  Then we sat on the grass to hear the kapa haka.  Then we went on the bus and went back to school.  By Meredith (Rm 1)

At the Marae we went into the meeting house and sang our songs.  Then the big kids sang.  Then we went to the wharekai.  The kai was extremely yum – delicious I meant.  By Toby (Rm 1)

When you were at the gate into the Marae, you had to wait until the lady did her call. (By Hana, Rm 1)

In the powhiri the girls had to be at the front and the boys had to be at the back.  It was the rule.  Also, when we sat girls had to be at the back and boys at the front.  By Kate (Rm 1)

Thanks to Maryann Green for the images.