Every Friday at school  we have “Wheelie Friday”.  Take a look at our stories about the fun that we have . . . 

On Friday it was Wheels Day and I brought my scooter.  Chloe let me and Lani have a turn on her roller blades.  I had all the knee and elbow pads on.  Then the bell rang.  By Kate (Rm 1)

I rode on my scooter to school.  At lunchtime we swapped scooters.  It was fun.  By Hayden (Rm 2)

On Friday I went to Wheels Day.  I was zooming past the speed limit but at least I could go up the ramp.  It was easy.  I loved it.  By Toby (Rm 1)

On Wheels Day I took my scooter to school.  I had fun.  I went on the ramp.  Hayden had a scooter that went zoom!  By Lucas (Rm 2)

On Friday it was Wheels Day.  I took a scooter to ride on.  Other people were riding bikes, scooters and skateboards.  We rode them behind Rooms 9, 10, 11 and 12.  I enjoyed riding around the track.  By Madison (Rm 10)

On Friday it was Wheels Day.  Me and Sienna rode our scooters to school.  I rode my scooter at lunchtime.  It was fun.  By Emma (Rm 9)