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Glenfield Expo Performances

Here are some stories from our Website Writers about the performances by our school groups at the recent Glenfield Expo. I led the haka at the Expo up on the stage.  I had fun up [...]

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Wetlands Learning

This term's Inquiry topic has been about the Wetlands.  Here are some stories from the junior and middle school writers about their learning . . . We have been learning about the life cycles of [...]

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Wheelie Fridays

Every Friday at school  we have "Wheelie Friday".  Take a look at our stories about the fun that we have . . .  On Friday it was Wheels Day and I brought my scooter.  Chloe [...]

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TravelWise Shout-out

Big congratulations to all the people who got their bike license this term. It's wonderful to see lots of students biking and scootering to and from school. Always remember to wear your high-vis vest, helmet [...]

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