On the day of soft ball all the kids were squeezing out with excitement as Mr.White was calling out the groups for transport. When we arrived at Manuka Primary School there was one group of children waiting there for us,  just sitting there. Then everyone said “we have to we WIN!!” as Glenfield School came,several minutes later all the schools arrived. As the teacher said there is no Marlborough this year some people awwed and some cheered. There were 4 diamonds,  8 people in a diamond and any amount of people batting. Windy Ridge 1 was asked to go to to diamond 3 . Windy Ridge 2 (the girls) were asked to go to diamond 4. The boys were against Bayview 1. The girls were against Glenfield 1. The boys one by 3 points but the girls just lost by 1 point.  We then had a five minute eating and drinking break and carried on. We lost one game at the end. It was very exciting at the end and the girls won one of their games as well.