It was a yellow peach sunny day as Year 3/4 and 5/6 set off for a day of football. When the team arrived there was no time to waste as we were fashionably late, so we got  quickly settled into a game. We first VS Hauraki; unluckily it was a 2 nil loss. As much as the team would have liked to have won they carried on with a smile on their face.

Personally I think the sausage sizzle was the yummiest of all, with me having Ashley’s and mine, and maybe a few more. I think it was totally fair! The unsatisfying thing was we got drenched with rain. Luckily my dad was prepared and bought a towel. “Phew”. But that didn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves. I’d recommend Takapuna football club to any keen young football player.

By Kate